Jet Boil SOL Cook Set

Jet Boil SOL Cook Set

The lightweight, compact Jetboil Sol Stove features a fuel regulator for consistent heat-output whether you're camped out in the dead of winter or perched atop an alpine peak.

•Burner features a fuel regulator that maintains consistent flow of gas down to 20°F, making the Sol suitable for 4-season use
•Includes a 0.8-liter aluminum FluxRing® cooking cup with insulating cozy; cozy has a heat-indicating display so you know when water is hot without having to peak inside
•When the indicator starts to turn orange you know your water is getting warm and will be boiling before long
•Same as the original Jetboil, the stove burner and cooking cup twist together to create a single convenient cooking system; disconnect the burner and cooking cup for storage


Our price: $119.99

•FluxRing® heat exchanger on the bottom of the cooking cup creates excellent fuel efficiency
•Adjustable-flame burner is housed in a windscreen, reducing heat loss when a breeze blows through
•Push-button piezo igniter sparks the stove to life quickly and easily
•Drink-through lid features a pour spout and a built-in strainer
•Stove burner and 100g fuel canister (sold separately) stow inside the cup; lid snaps shut for storage
•Bottom cover unsnaps from the cooking cup to double as a measuring cup or bowl; measuring cup comes in handy when preparing meals and hot drinks
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