Wenzel Tundra Oversized Sleeping Bag

Wenzel Tundra Oversized Sleeping Bag

Wenzel®'s Tundra oversized sleeping bag is ready for you to have the sweetest sleep of your life. It's designed with a temperature rating of -10°F, meaning you'll be warm and toasty despite the frigid temperatures. The offset quilt construction promises long-lasting comfort for the life of the bag.

Our price: $79.99

Key Specs:
•Model Number: 49103
•Weight: 9 lbs
•Bag Size: Oversized
•Bag Length: 90 inches
•Length: 90 inches
•Bag Width: 39 inches
•Width: 39 inches
•Comfort Rating: -10 Degrees
•Packed Length: 12 inches
•Packed Width: 20 inches
•Zipper Style: #7 Self-Repairing Zipper

•Bag Type: Rectangular
Provides great flexibility and interior room.
•Shell: Cotton
Soft and lightweight.
•Insulation: Polyester
A lightweight material that is warm and durable.
•Construction: Offset Quilt
Helps to eliminate cold spots for consistant warmth.
•Lining: Flannel
•Storage Method: Compression

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